Hippolyte et Aricie

The New York Times

“The benevolent sorceress Melissa (sung on Tuesday with warmth and heroism by the mezzo-soprano Kelsey Lauritano)…”

The Boston Globe

“No better voice than mezzo Kelsey Lauritano’s could be conjured for the gender-bending sorceress Melissa; her enviable low range and resonant, daringly raw chest voice were sublime.”

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Mezzo soprano Kelsey Lauritano was ideally cast for the role, with a powerful voice that maintained its clarity even in her lowest range.”

Wall Street Journal

"...the performers made a solid impression overall...Kelsey Lauritano's dark, eloquent mezzo made for a potent Diane"

Opera Wire

"Kelsey Lauritano, as Diane, also established herself in this scene with a superior stance in her role and a beautifully rich vocal tone. She personified Diane throughout the entire opera with outstanding acting skills that fueled her passionate connection to the music and highlighted her unwavering vocal technique. Lauritano was a true inspiration to be witnessed in this role."

Parterre Box

"Kelsey Lauritano’s interestingly dusky mezzo and authoritative stage presence combined for a commanding Diane"


Opera News

“As the Child, Kelsey Lauritano used her buoyant mezzo-soprano to move from gleeful petulance to heartfelt contrition. Through her attentive listening, she drew the audience into the depth of the Child’s hurt and vulnerability, keeping us on her side as her world spun out of control. ”


Boston Globe

"...this oratorio’s most wonderful surprise was the BEMF debut of an exceptional young mezzo-soprano. As Mary Cleophas, Juilliard graduate student Kelsey Lauritano showed off a rippling wine-dark voice with a low range of staggering strength, combined with a splendid stage presence...May this be the first of many BEMF appearances for her."


Opera News

"Dimitri Katotakis, as the Steward, stood out, singing with ringing heroism, matched in wondrous power by Kelsey Lauritano, as the Stewardess. The two had a comfy comic rapport."

Broadway World

"The cast was uniformly top-drawer, showing good comic chops along with fine vocal training, with Darrah helping them to show their individuality rather than simply be archetypes. For example, baritone Dimitri Katotakis and mezzo Kelsey Lauritano are expert singer-farceurs, as the Steward and Stewardess..."